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Scientific Linux 6.4 is officially released for i686/x86_64

Scientific Linux 6.4 i386/x86_64 Mar 28, 2013

As a reminder, the SL6x repo always points to the most recent release. The
SL6x repo has been updated to SL6.4 at this time.

Users of the Scientific Linux 6x repo should run yum clean expire-cache
This should allow yum to notice the updated metadata within the 6x repo.

Mirror sites are encouraged to synchronize their mirrors at this time.

You can read the full release notes at:


ISO Download area


Mirror List


Major Differences from SL6.3

As always we encourage you to read the official release notes:

OpenAFS kernel module package has changed. With SL6.0 we started
packaging the OpenAFS client's kernel module according to the guidelines
from TUV's Driver Update Program.

Due to unanticipated changes with the 6.3 kernel, we've had to revisit
the process. With the 6.4 release, we modified the packaging to provide a
dedicated build of the module for each minor SL release, instead of one
kernel module (kmod) for all SL6 kernels. Since the EL kernel ABI is
supposed to be kept stable within a minor release, this should avoid the
problems some SL users experienced.

For those updating their system using yum, this change should be
completely transparent.

This is now installed by default. You may remove it to return to the
historical behavior.

This now features an entry for 'sl-addons' repo. For more information on
sl-addons please view the README file within the addons repo itself.

Features a new ABI, this was a security errata so it should be available
to earlier releases.

Upstream has discontinued the matahari packages


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each other - Development of Scientific Linux - Announcements concerning Scientific
Linux - Announcements about Security Errata - Announcements about Scientific Linux
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