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Scientific Linux 4.4 - i386

Scientific Linux 4.4 is released for the i386 architecture.

October 9, 2006
Scientific Linux (SL) release 4.4 for i386 has been released.

Scientific Linux 4.4 was officially released. We want to thank all those tested, retested, and worked with the developers. This release has several enhancements that wouldn't have been possible without everyone's help. We hope you enjoy the release.

Scientific Linux 4.4 has several improvements over 4.3. These include: better support for wireless with madwifi and the ipw3945 driver; fuse, fuse-smb, fuse-sshfs; and some scientific programs, namely cfitsio, numpy, and R.

Scientific Linux release 4.4 is based on the rebuilding of RPMS out of SRPMS's from Enterprise 4 AS, including Update 4.

The release notes can be found at

-Connie Sieh
-Troy Dawson
-Jaroslaw Polok

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