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Scientific Linux 5.7

Scientific Linux 5.7 has been released for i386 and x86_64.

September 14, 2011
Scientific Linux release 5.7 has been released for i386 and x86_64.

We want to thank everyone who has contributed, tested, and given us feedback. We know that the 6.x series is a priority for most sites which is what makes the feedback we've gotten on this latest 5.x release so special.

Scientific Linux 5.7 web page

Added RPM's

Packages that were added to Scientific Linux
Added RPM's specific to S.L. 5.7
All Added RPM's in S.L. 5.x

Change RPM's

Packages that were changed from the original vendors packages.
Changed RPM's specific to S.L. 5.7
All Changed RPM's in S.L. 5.x

Tweak RPM's

Tweak RPM's can be added to change a feature without disturbing the rest of the release.
Tweak RPM's specific to S.L. 5.7
All Tweak RPM's in S.L. 5.x


Even Scientific Linux has limitations
Limitations specific to S.L. 5.7
All Limitations in S.L. 5.x

Release Notes

SL 57 Release Notes (i386)
SL 57 Release Notes (x86_64)
All Release Notes for S.L. 5.x

Download Area

ISO Images

e0a2bfb50febc493204f30e314637b10 SL.57.091211.CD.i386.disc1.iso
801a95f4428ee48027d0374a5ad2741f SL.57.091211.CD.i386.disc2.iso
86e827b9c3ba450fd5b9a9f131a991bd SL.57.091211.CD.i386.disc3.iso
b654d05e9c2d440998aa31748080e07f SL.57.091211.CD.i386.disc4.iso
1e98416b622a3a2a0432797456df4857 SL.57.091211.CD.i386.disc5.iso
8c3be00228c1614b5b6f843f10a1dbd0 SL.57.091211.CD.i386.disc6.iso
cd08c109657242d8a4b7415bb713309a SL.57.091211.CD.i386.disc7.iso
95a8ba68e34579c71a11c03d0f0bbfb5 SL.57.091211.CD.i386.disc8.iso
d59dc16b730a94f5ae3f1f81a080d4fd SL.57.090911.DVD.i386.disc1.iso
ec931ee93b2ca807dae7172811b1f2d4 SL.57.090911.DVD.i386.disc2.iso

f37b442e0ce3ec18360a11c3676a285b SL.57.091211.CD.x86_64.disc1.iso
d536a2e2acb220087fc45f2330b02b5b SL.57.091211.CD.x86_64.disc2.iso
074891bae7692a462ff2f5bf7c9a5105 SL.57.091211.CD.x86_64.disc3.iso
271bceb4e539d8204e57a88fc173d477 SL.57.091211.CD.x86_64.disc4.iso
33bcae4400618a43fad4917c8493f969 SL.57.091211.CD.x86_64.disc5.iso
fa491a19bba4689787789e8959e1e153 SL.57.091211.CD.x86_64.disc6.iso
38d9f067ebf04d4a54b8da7c3db5007c SL.57.091211.CD.x86_64.disc7.iso
31025a156622c9767434b80327ab8d6f SL.57.091211.CD.x86_64.disc8.iso
879626fc8a9001d0868f46a1025a4366 SL.57.091211.CD.x86_64.disc9.iso
33ba96dd472b2e73cccb84a9422b6008 SL.57.090911.DVD.x86_64.disc1.iso
ac246a4461543383a4f738530308b01d SL.57.090911.DVD.x86_64.disc2.iso
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