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Scientific Linux Live 6.1

Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD 6.1 has been released for i386 and x86_64.

Scientific Linux 6.1 LiveCD, LiveMiniCD and LiveDVD are also officially released. They are available for 32-bit and 64-bit and come with following window manager

LiveMiniCD : icewm
LiveCD : gnome
LiveDVD : gnome, kde, icewm

Software was added from rpmforge, epel and elrepo (see EXTRA SOFTWARE) to include additional filesystem support (ntfs, reiserfs), more secure network connection (openvpn, vpnc, pptp), and filesystem tools (dd_rescue, ddrescue, gparted).

    Alternatively use a public mirror or torrent:


- Rename LiveCD user from "sluser" to "liveuser"
- Build with Fedora livecd-tools 13.3
- Extra software (not included in standard SL) is now taken from a new repository called "livecd-extra"
- RPMs in livecd-extra repository are taken from rpmforge, epel and elrepoal, and are always up-to-date
- "livecd-extra" repo is defined inyum-conf-livecd-extra and livecd-extra-release RPMs
- fuse-ntfs-3g replaced with ntfs-3g
- progsreiserfs removed
- testdisk removed (which broke some update)
- Add gstreamer-ffmpeg from rpmforge (for playing mp3, mpeg, ...)
- Icewm removed from LiveCD to save diskspace. Icewm is still on LiveMiniCD and LiveDVD.


- For SL6 the way how the LiveCD was built has completely changed. It is now based on the Fedora LiveCD Tools.
- If you install the LiveCD to hard drive, the installation of the live image is now done by anaconda similar to the normal SL6 installation.
- You can also install the LiveCD on an USB stick with persistent changes using liveusb-creator included in SL6.
- To build your own LiveCD use livecd-tools from SL6.


- kernel 2.6.32-131.6.1.el6
- xorg 1.7.7
- icewm 1.2.37
- gnome 2.28
- firefox 3.6.18
- thunderbird 3.1.11
- 3.2.1 (only on LiveDVD)
- kde 4.3.4 (only on LiveDVD)
... and more

EXTRA SOFTWARE (from repo livecd-extra)

- fuse-sshfs
- ntfs-3g
- ntfsprogs
- dd_rescue
- ddrescue
- iperf
- flash-plugin (not on 64-bit LiveCD and LiveMiniCD)
- rxvt-unicode (only MiniCD)
- gparted
- NetworkManager-openvpn
- NetworkManager-vpnc
- NetworkManager-pptp
- vpnc-consoleuser
- kmod-reiserfs
- kmod-ndiswrapper
- reiserfs-utils


- live_ram copy entire Live image to RAM (takes a few minutes)
- noswap do not use SWAP partition found on hard drive
- pw=any_password set password
- noautologin disable auto login
- automount enable auto mounting (rw) of all found hard drives
- user=username username of local user, default is liveuser
- cups=server the CUPS server
- hostname=name set the hostname
- check verify LiveCD before booting
- liveinst directly start graphical installation to hard drive
- textinst directly start text based installation to hard drive
- overlay=UUID= defines the UUID of the USB device used for persistent overlay

More information can be found at

Urs Beyerle

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