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Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD 5.2

Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD 5.2 has been released for i386 and x86_64

The Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD runs Scientific Linux directly from CD/DVD without installing.
It can be downloaded from
Public mirrors of Scientific Linux 5.2 LiveCD/DVD can be found at the download page (

The following versions of the Scientific Linux LiveCD/DVD are available for download:
  • livecd: CD-ROM for 32bit
  • livecd64: CD-ROM for 64bit
  • livedvd: DVD-ROM for 32bit
  • livedvd64: DVD-ROM for 64bit
  • mini_livecd: Mini CD-ROM for 32bit
New Feature
  • Changes can be stored persistently on a storage device like an USB key

Together with the possibility to start the LiveCD from an USB key, this feature allows you to carry around your own portable Scientific Linux Live System on a single USB stick. For more information see and

  • LiveCD/DVD can be installed to local hard disk
  • LiveCD runs from USB key
  • LiveCD can be mounted over NFS (diskless client)
  • kernel 2.6.18-92.1.10.el5
  • openAFS client 1.4.7
  • xorg 7.1
  • 3D desktop with compiz and AIGLX (must be enabled first: System -> Preferences -> Desktop Effects)
  • alsa sound lib 1.0.14
  • gnome 2.16.0 (standard desktop on LiveCD)
  • kde 3.5.4 (only on LiveDVD)
  • gimp 2.2.13
  • evolution 2.12.3
  • 2.3.0
  • firefox 3.0
  • thunderbird 2.0
  • ... and much more
Software added compared to standard Scientific Linux
  • ntfs-3g (read/write NTFS support)
  • ntfsprogs
  • kernel-module-ntfs
  • gparted
  • testdisk
  • dd_rescue
  • partimage
  • iperf
  • aufs

More information can be found at

--- Urs Beyerle
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