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Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD 5.1

Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD 5.1 has been released for i386 and x86_64

The Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD runs Scientific Linux directly from CD/DVD without installing. It can be downloaded from Public mirrors of Scientific Linux 5.1 LiveCD/DVD can be found at the download page (

The following versions are available:
  • Mini-LiveCD 32bit with Icewm desktop
  • LiveCD 32bit with Gnome desktop
  • LiveCD 64bit with Gnome desktop
  • LiveDVD 32bit with Gnome/KDE/Icewm desktop
  • LiveDVD 64bit with Gnome/KDE/Icewm desktop

LiveCD/DVD features:
  • fully writable root filesystem
  • hardware auto-detection
  • can be installed to local hard disk
  • can be installed on USB key
  • can be mounted over NFS (as diskless client)
Software added compared to standard Scientific Linux
  • ntfs-3g (read/write NTFS support)
  • ntfsprogs
  • kernel-module-ntfs
  • gparted
  • testdisk
  • dd_rescue
  • partimage (only i386 and DVD)
  • iperf
  • aufs
Major software updates compared to Scientific Linux 5.0 Live CD
  • kernel 2.6.18-53.1.13.el5 (including iwlwifi WLAN driver)
  • OpenAFS client 1.4.6
  • update to the latest SL 5.1 software
  • first release of Mini-LiveCD and LiveDVD
More information can be found at

--- Urs Beyerle
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