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Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD 4.6

Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD 4.6 has been released for i386 and x86_64

The Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD runs Scientific Linux directly from CD/DVD without installing. It can be downloaded from

Public mirrors of Scientific Linux 4.6 LiveCD/DVD can be found at the download page ( ).

The Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD is based on Scientific Linux 4.6 (SL46), which is recompiled from RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 sources (RHEL4 AS Update 6).

The following versions of the Scientific Linux LiveCD/DVD are available for download
  • livecd: fits on a normal CD-ROM
  • livecd64: CD-ROM for 64bit
  • livedvd: only fits on a DVD
  • livedvd64: DVD-ROM for 64bit
  • mini_livecd: rescue system (about 230MB)
Install LiveCD/DVD locally
  • LiveCD/DVD can be installed to local hard disk, run livecd-install or livecd-install-gui
Software added compared to standard Scientific Linux
  • 915resolution
  • ntfsprogs
  • kernel-module-ntfs
  • qtparted
  • gparted
  • testdisk
  • dd_rescue
  • partimage (only i386)
  • iperf
  • tkcvs
  • ms-sys
  • unionfs and squashfs for w/r live system
Additional features:
  • LiveCD can be installed on USB key
  • LiveCD can be mounted over NFS (diskless client)

More information can be found at
--- Urs Beyerle

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