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Mirror by rsync

How to mirror using rsync

It is a good idea to read the mirroring Scientific Linux helpful tips before proceeding.

Make sure your syncing system has a reverse lookup record.

Using rsync is a good way to mirror the Scientific Linux distributions, if you will be regularly keeping the mirror in sync. If you are planning on just downloading everything once, or even a few times, you might prefer to use ftp to mirror.

There are a few places that mirror Scientific Linux that have anonymous rsync servers. If one is close to you, then it would be a good idea to use it. The main rsync server for Scientific Linux is

Most people who use rsync already know how, or have a script that does it, so I don't know much more of what to say, other than to give an example of rsyncing Scientific Linux. This would all be on one line. Please note, for space saving purposes, we make use of hardlinks.

Here are a few examples suitable for a private mirror. Public mirrors may exclude 'obsolete' sections, 'archive/debuginfo', source rpms, and 'sites/Fermi' but nothing else. The 'sites/example' directory is still required.

Sites looking to mirror the 'latest' release should mirror the 'x' release

  • rsync -avSH --delete --exclude=sites/Fermi --exclude=archive/obsolete --exclude=archive/debuginfo --exclude=SRPMS --exclude=sites/Fermi rsync:// /export/pub/linux/scientific/5x/
  • rsync -avkSH --delete --exclude=archive/debuginfo --exclude=archive/obsolete --exclude=SRPMS rsync:// /export/pub/linux/scientific/6x/
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