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Getting on the list of mirrors

How to get your site on the list of mirrors

You do not have to be on the list of mirrors to mirror Scientific Linux. Anyone can mirror us, because that saves network bandwidth for both you and us. But if you would like your machine to be on our list of mirrors, please send e-mail to Pat Riehecky ( and Connie Sieh ( with the following information.

  • Contact Person(s)
  • E-mail address of contact(s)
  • Mirror site name
  • City and Country of the mirror.
  • How often your mirror will be updated.
  • How much of scientific you will mirror.
    (Examples: All, Just 52, Just 5rolling, Stable Releases Only)
  • Path(s) to your mirror.
    (Example: ftp://mymirror.mydomain/pub/mirror/scientific/, http://mywebserver.mydomain/mirror/scientific/)

For official mirrors we ask that everything you mirror be in a directory called scientific, with no uppercase letters. We also ask that you do not change the names of the directories below that. For example do not change 5rolling to 53.beta1, or something like that.
You must also subscribe to the scientific-linux-mirrors list to stay informed of any important announcements related to the mirroring process.

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