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System Configuration Limits

This table will help you know what the current limits are for the different distributions.
  S.L. 3.0.8 S.L. 4.4 S.L. 5x S.L. 6x
Architecture support
Supports x86 systems Yes Yes Yes Yes (i686 only)
Supports AMD64/EM64T systems Yes Yes Yes Yes
Technology limits
Maximum logical CPUs (1)        
x86 16 32(2) 32 32
AMD64/EM64T 8 64/64 64 64
Maximum memory        
x86 (3) 64GB 64GB 16GB 16GB
AMD64/EM64T 128GB 128GB/1TB 128GB/1TB 128GB/1TB
Maximum filesize 2TB 8TB 8TB 8TB
Maximum filesystem size (Ext3) 2TB 8TB 8TB 16TB
Maximum x86 per-process virtual address space Approx 4GB Approx 4GB Approx 4GB Approx 4GB
Kernel & OS features
Kernel foundation Linux 2.4.21 Linux 2.6.9 Linux 2.6.18 Linux 2.6.32
Compiler/toolchain GCC 3.2 GCC 3.4 GCC 4.1 GCC 4.4
Languages supported 10 15 15 15
Selectable I/O schedulers No Yes Yes Yes
Internet/Intranet Input Method support No Yes Yes
Sys_epoll support No Yes Yes Yes
SELinux No Yes Yes Yes
Ext3 Performance Enhancements No Yes Yes Yes
SCTP support No Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth support No Yes Yes Yes
GCC Buffer Bound Checking No Yes Yes Yes
Glibc Memory Corruption Checking No Yes Yes Yes
Exec Shield, PIE, NX/XD support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Native POSIX Threading Library Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hyperthreading scheduler Yes Yes Yes Yes
Autofs V4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Logical Volume Manager Yes - LVM1 Yes - LVM2 Yes - LVM2 Yes - LVM2
Reverse Map VM Yes Yes - enhanced Yes - enhanced Yes - enhanced
Auditing Yes - LAus Yes - audit Yes - audit Yes - audit
Compatibility libraries Yes - 2.1 Yes - 2.1 & 3 Yes - 2.1 & 3 Yes - 2.1 & 3
Asynchronous I/O for storage devices Yes Yes Yes Yes
CoE compliant Yes Yes Yes Yes
LSB compliant Yes - 1.3 Yes - 1.3 Yes - 3.1 Yes - 4.0
NFS Yes - V3 Yes - V3 & V4 Yes - V3 & V4 Yes - V3 & V4

(1) Scientific Linux defines logical CPUs equivalent to cores/virtualCPUs, so a dual-core (non-hyperthreading) CPU is counted as 2 logical CPUs and a single hyperthreading CPU is counted as 2 logical CPUs.

(2) CPU counts over 8 for AMD64/EM64T require use of the largesmp kernel.

(3) The "SMP" kernel supports a maximum of 16GB of main memory. Systems with more than 16GB of main memory use the "Hugemem" kernel. In certain workload scenarios it may be advantageous to use the "Hugemem" kernel on systems with more than 12GB of main memory.

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