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Hardware Template

A sample template for reviews

Overall Summary

Tested By: Name Optional

The Good
What went right.

The Bad
What doesn't work.
Or what didn't install correctly.

Extra Steps Needed
I had to do these extra steps.

Other References
If you have any other outside information, such as a Wiki, Mailling list, etc..


Output of "cat /proc/cpuinfo"
If there are more than 2 cpu's, feel free to trim.  Just the first and last one are needed.


Output of "/usr/sbin/dmidecode"
Please trim this output.  You really only need the sections
Handle 0x0000
Handle 0x0100
Handle 0x0200
Handle 0x0300
Handle 0x0400
Handle 0x0500
Handle 0x0600
Also, please trim out any UUID's, Serial Numbers, or anything that might uniquely identify this machine.


Output of lspci

Created by dawson
Last modified 2007-02-27 09:49 AM

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