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Logo Contest Eliminated Entries

Scientific Linux Logo Contest Entries that have been eliminated.

These are are the logo's that have currently been eliminated from the running. We are placing them here in this other page incase we want to take a look at them.
Here they are with a black background.

Created by dawson
Last modified 2009-10-26 12:58 AM
Entry 1
entry11.small.png svg
Entry 2
carbon.atom.3.png svg
Entry 5
carbon.atom.5.png svg
Entry 6
carbon.atom.9.png svg
Entry 7
carbon.atom.11.png svg
Entry 9
sl.png svg
Entry 11
carbon.atom.15.png svg
Entry 12
SL_FeynmanDiagram.png svg
Entry 13a
SL6-Logo-Ring-1.png pdf
Entry 13b
SL6-Logo-Ring-2.png pdf
Entry 14
anatoly_solomin_sl_logo_00.png pdf
Entry 15a
Entry 15b
Entry 15c

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