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Logo Contest Entries

Scientific Linux Logo Contest Entries

These are the entries for the Scientific Linux Logo contest.
As entries are narrowed down, the eliminated entries will be shown on our eliminated entries page.
Our testing with a black background page.

Thus far the logo's have been narrowed down by the following criteria
- Duplicates - One artist submited several variations of a logo, he narrowed it down to his two favorite versions.
- Scalable - Can the logo be scaled to very large and/or very small sizes
- "Large Room" - Is the logo recognizable across a very large conference hall
- Scientific - Does your average person see it as being scientific
- Similar - Is it similar to another site/company logo, possibly causing us to be confused with another site or company.

Entry 3
carbon.atom.6.png svg
Entry 4
carbon.atom.8.png svg
Entry 10
Scientific6.png svg
Entry 8a
SL01.png svg
Entry 8b
SL02.png svg
Entry 16
sl6.png svg
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