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Scientific Linux

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Installation guide for Scientific Linux 6

This web page describes installing for any Scientific Linux 6.x distribution. Simply replace anyplace that says 6.x or 6x with the appropriate version number. So if you were installing Scientific Linux 6.2, then you would replace 6.x with 6.2, and 6x with 62 wherever you see it in this document.

Scientific Linux 6.x Installation Steps

Installation Instructions

  • Note that the very first part of the install is done in text mode.
    Here are a few things to note while in text mode.
    Use the Tab/Alt-Tab keys to navigate between elements.
    The <space> key selects/deselects items.

Click on Image for full size image.
Click on Section Name for detailed instructions.

Bootup Screen (Enter)

Media Check (Enter)[OK] to check media - (Tab)(Enter)[Skip] to skip

Installation Method (Network install only) Pick installation method then [OK]

Configure TCP/IP (URL or NFS network install only) Configure your network and then [OK]

NFS, or URL Setup (Network install only) Put in the appropriate server and/or path and then [OK]

At this point, the installation try's to startup the graphical installation.
If for some reason the installation is unable to startup the graphical mode, it will run in text mode.
Text install instructions

Welcome [Next]

Language Selection) [Next]

Keyboard [Next]

Storage Device Select your storage type [Next]

Install or Upgrade (Only if upgradable) Choose between upgrading or a fresh install [Next]

Hostname and Network Edit if necessary then [Next]

Time Zone Selection [Next]

Set Root Password type in Root's password twice then [Next]

Disk Partitioning Setup Disk Druid [Next]

Select Storage (Only if there is more than one disk) Select device [Next]

Partitioning (Only if Custom or Review selected) Partition Correctly then [Next]

Write To Disk [Write changes to disk]

NOTE When you hit "Write changes to disk" all disk partitioning and formating will occur.
There is no way to go back after this screen.

Boot Loader Configuration [Next]

Installation Type Pick installation type then [Next]

Custom Package Selection Select/Remove desired packages and groups then [Next]

The installation will proceed.

This is the usual time to get a snack or stretch.

Congratuations Remove the CD/DVD or USB drive [Exit]

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