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Bootup Screen

Bootup Screen

Installation Help

To begin an installation or upgrade with the most common options, simply wait 60 seconds or hit [Enter].

  • Install or upgrade an existing system
    Do a basic install or upgrade. Try this option first
    vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img
  • Install system with basic video driver
    Do a basic install or upgrade, but use the basic (vesa) video driver. Use this if you are having video card problems.
    vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img xdriver=vesa nomodeset
  • Rescue installed system
    Boot into a text based rescue mode shell. If you already have linux installed on the machine, this will attempt to mount the drives for you.
    Note: The rescue image is on the boot.iso (network install) image as well as the normal DVD's. When it asks you where the rescue image is, you can select "Local CD/DVD".
    vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img rescue
  • Boot from local drive
    Don't do any install, just boot off the local drive.
    .localboot 0xffff
  • Memory test
    Run memtest to check the memory of your computer

Boot command line options

This is also where you can pass options to the installation program to make it perform differently.
Options should be passed by hitting [Tab] and then typing in the option at the end of the line.
Then hit [Enter] to boot with those options.

Some of the most common options passed to the installer on this screen is
Documentation on common boot options.
Additional boot options.
Fedora's full list of boot options. Note: SL6 might not have all of these options.

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