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Boot Loader Configuration

Boot Loader Configuration

Installation Help
The boot loader is grub. By default it is installed on the Master Boot Record of the drive, the installer thinks the machine will boot from.

If you need to change where the boot loader is put, select "Change device". See below for more instructions.

If you do not want the boot loader installed at all (not recommended) unselect "Install boot loader on ...". Again, this is not recommended.

If you do not want people to change options during boot time, select "Use a boot loader password". You will be prompted for a password.

Change Device

If you have more than one disk on your machine, it is possible that the boot order in the install, does not match the machines boot order.
If you need to change which drive the boot loader thinks the machine boot from, follow these steps.

  1. Select "Change device"
  2. Select "BIOS Drive Order"
  3. Using the pull down menu's, rearrange the drives until they are the correct boot order.
  4. Select "OK"

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