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Tweak RPM's

Tweak RPM's can be added to change a feature without disturbing the rest of the release.

One of the goals of Scientific Linux is to be as close to the original vendor release of Enterprise Linux. But there are several things that people want to change, for one reason or another. In order to have both worlds we have created these tweak rpm's, more commonly known as SL rpm's. These rpm's can be added or removed to add or remove a feature. It is up the individual user to determine if they want a particular feature or not.

None of these packages are installed by default unless it is noted that they are.


This adds a terminal icon to the kicker panel for GNOME. It also adds the "add/remove programs" menu item to KDE.
Installed by default for the GNOME and KDE desktop groups.

Who Needs This?
Pretty much any previous desktop user of linux. It's not a necessity, and the icons can be added manually, but it's much nicer to just have them there from the start.


This script makes all the changes necessary to send console output to both the serial port and the screen. This also creates a login prompt on the serial port and allows users to login at this prompt.

There are 4 packages, which correspond to a serial port speed
SL_enable_serialconsole-96 (9600 baud)
SL_enable_serialconsole-192 (19200 baud)
SL_enable_serialconsole-384 (38400 baud)
SL_enable_serialconsole-1152 (115200 baud)

Note: It is usually best to install this package after an install. You can either do this by hand, or in the %post section of a kickstart file. This is because the grub file and bootloader aren't created during an install, until after all the packages are installed.

Who Needs This?
Headless servers that want to redirect their output through their serial console during bootup, and also plan on logging in on those consoles.


Turns off "color" of ls.

Who Needs This?
People who don't like the colorized ls


Changes /etc/sysconfig/init to require the root password for single user mode.
This used to be called SL_inittab_change

Who Needs This?
In my opinion everyone, and we're quite surprised that Enterprise Linux isn't this way. If you are concerned about someone getting root access to your computer by just sitting down to it, then this is something you will want to install.

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