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Differences from SL5

Many SL features have changed from SL5. This page lists them.

"Sites" and "Spins"

From the beginning, we always wanted people to take Scientific Linux and make it their own. Derivatives from Scientific Linux, such as SLC or SLF, were called "sites"
When Fedora started making it easy for people to make their own distributions, they called these distributions "spins".
Because "sites" can refer to many things (web-sites, building-site, etc..) we have started calling our sites, "spins". The same as Fedora calls them.

Only Original Packages are in the install

In SL3-SL5 we always put the security and bugfix packages into the release as we built the release. So when we released a release it always "had the latest errata up until (date)".
For SL6 the final release will only have the same packages that were originally released by TUV, unless we changed them. All updates and fastbugs are in their respective repositories.

Fewer Packages Added

Many scientific programs were being put in various repositories, such as EPEL, as well as Scientific Linux. To reduce duplicating efforts, reduce version and dependency problems, and create less confusion, we have reduced the number of extra packages we put in Scientific Linux 6.
If you look at our Added Packages webpage, you will see that aside from icewm and openafs, the only other packages added to Scientific Linux are those needed to create a working distribution.

915resolution - atrpms
alpine - epel
cfitsio - epel
dkms - epel, rpmforge
fftw - atrpms, epel
fuse - Provided by TUV, in SL6
graphviz - Provided by TUV, in SL6
gv - epel
iwp*, iwl* - Provided by TUV, in SL6
jdk - obsolete by openjdk, can still get from Oracle if needed.
kdeedu - currently not anywhere. Would be nice to be in EPEL
lua - Provided by TUV, in SL6
numpy - Provided by TUV, in SL6
R - epel
scipy - currently not anywhere. Would be nice to be in EPEL
suitesparse - epel
tidy - Provided by TUV, in SL6 x86_64
XFS - Provided by TUV, in SL6 x86_64

There is no contrib repository.

The SL contrib repository held extra drivers that weren't in the normal kernel. This effort was duplicated by repositories elrepo and atrpms. Instead of duplicating their efforts, we have make it easy to install their repositories.

No extra pictures during the install.

Scientific Linux 3 through 5 all had different pictures that were shown as packages installed.
Scientific Linux 6 only has one static image during the package installation phase.

Yum configuration files

In SL5, the rpm yum-conf contained /etc/yum.conf as well as the following repo files: adobe.repo, atrpms.repo, dag.repo, sl-contrib.repo, sl-debuginfo.repo, sl-fastbugs.repo, sl.repo, sl-security.repo, sl-srpms.repo, sl-testing.repo
In SL6, we have moved /etc/yum.conf back to the yum package, moved all third party repo's into their own seperate packages, and merged several SL repo's into two files.
/etc/yum.conf - in yum
adobe.repo - adobe-linux-i386.repo in adobe-release
atrpms.repo - in atrpms-repo
dag.repo - rpmforge.repo in rpmforge-release
sl-contrib.repo - gone
sl-debuginfo.repo -
sl-fastbugs.repo - sl-updates.repo in sl-release
sl.repo - sl.repo in sl-release
sl-security.repo - sl-updates.repo in sl-release
sl-srpms.repo - sl.repo in sl-release
sl-testing.repo - sl.repo in sl-release

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