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Packages that were added to Scientific Linux

We have added several packages to Scientific Linux that are not found anywhere on the Enterprise releases.

abattis-cantarell-fonts (SL 6.1)
Summary : Cantarell, a Humanist sans-serif font family
Added because this font is used in the new graphical theme.
This is not installed by default.
-- abattis-cantarell-fonts

Summary : Fast and small X11 window manager
Added because we needed a lightweight modern window manager. There are some machines that just don't have much CPU and/or memory, and both KDE and GNOME can really slow these machines down.
This is not installed by default.
-- icewm
-- icewm-l10n
-- imlib - for dependancies
-- gtk+ - for dependancies
-- glib - for dependancies

Summary : OpenAFS distributed filesystem
Added because many educational and research centers around the world use AFS as some type of central file system.
This is not installed by default.
-- openafs
-- openafs-authlibs
-- openafs-client
-- openafs-compat
-- openafs-firstboot
-- openafs-kernel-source
-- openafs-kpasswd
-- openafs-krb5
-- openafs-plumbing-tools
-- openafs-server
-- kmod-openafs

revisor, livecd-tools, liveusb-creator
Summary : Sceintific Linux Spin Creation
Tools to create Scientific Linux "Spins" or "Sites"
This is not installed by default.
-- revisor
-- revisor-cli
-- revisor-gui
-- revisor-isolinux
-- revisor-rebrand
-- revisor-reuseinstaller
-- revisor-unity-scripts
-- sl-revisor-configs
-- livecd-tools
-- liveusb-creator

Summary : Automatically update your machine daily via yum.
Added for those users who want their system automatically updated without having to worry about doing it by hand.
This is installed by default.
-- yum-autoupdate

yum repositories
Summary : Various Yum Repositories
These are not supported by Scientific Linux but are here for your convenience.

This is not installed by default.
-- adobe-release
-- atrpms-repo
-- elrepo-release
-- epel-release
-- rpmforge-release

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