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Problem RPMs By Catagory

RPMs that needed special attention during their build, listed by problem.

Building Problems

Missing build dependencies

Sometimes packages do not list all of their build dependencies, so they do not build in mock enviroments. These packages had the following dependencies missing.
PackageDependency Needed
grub /usr/lib/libc.a
perl-CGI-Session perl-Time-HiRes and perl-CGI
perl-IPC-Run3 perl-Time-HiRes
perl-Makefile-Parser perl-Time-HiRes
perl-Sys-Virt perl-Time-HiRes
perl-Test-Memory-Cycle perl-CGI
python-lxml python-devel
virt-top ocaml-camomile-data - Not in release, put in special build area

Needed to be patched in order to build

Sometimes we had to patch the code or the rpm spec file for a package to build.
Whenever we did this, we added 0.sl6 to the package name. So guile-1.8.7-4.el6 became guile-1.8.7-4.el6.0.sl6.
This naming was done because we hoped The Upstream Vendor would one day fix the problems. And if they did, we wanted their new names to be newer than ours.

  • epydoc / python-nss
    This was a case where epydoc needed a bug fix patch in order for python-nss to build. We put in the following patches from Fedora 13, but left the numbering the same as RHEL 6.
    Fix crash with newer docutils (#578920) - Lubomir Rintel
    Add texlive-dvips and texlive-latex requirements (#522249) - Matthias Saou
  • guile (Fixed by TUV in version guile-1.8.7-5.el6)
    We commented out its final check.
  • mod_auth_kerb
    We Changed "--with-krb5=/usr/kerberos" to "--with-krb5=/usr" because the krb location changed on RHEL 6.
  • nss (Fixed by TUV in version nss-3.12.9-9.el6)
    We commented out a couple of its checks.
  • opal / ekiga
    This was a case where opal needed a bug fix patch in order for ekiga to build. The opal-3.6.6-buildopts.patch was missing one line "#include " for it to work properly.
  • pilot-link
    when "autoreconf -is" is called this causes libtool to run from /usr/bin/libtool which is version 2.2.6b but the source ships its own libtool in pilot-link-0.12.4/libtool which is version 2.2.6 and called from the make files. This version mix does not work.
  • rome
    RHEL 6 provides jdom-1.1.1 and not jdom-1.0 so we changed it to 1.1.1
  • ruby (Fixed by TUV in version ruby-
    We fixed the shellwords arguments building bug.

Builds off the RHEL6 beta- only

We have tried building these in a full SL6 enviroment. But they would only build on RHEL6 beta.
  • python-sqlalchemy
  • TurboGears2

Builds off the Fedora 13 - only

We have tried building these packages in a full SL6 enviroment, and in the RHEL6 beta enviroment. But they would only build on Fedora 13.
  • foomatic
  • hivex
  • perl-GSSAPI
  • perl-Test-MockObject

Binary Package Problems

In Scientific Linux 6, we are trying to be as close to RHEL6 as possible. We are using an rpm checking script that checks everything in the rpm packages. We have found and corrected the following problems.

Vendor_Perl problem

For Fedora 13 the command "perl -V:installvendorlib" gives /usr/share/perl5/
For RHEL/SL6 the command "perl -V:installvendorlib" gives /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/
Many perl packages use this command to find out where to put perl modules. This wouldn't be much of a problem, except that 230 (not all) of RHEL6 perl packages were built on Fedora 13, while the rest weren't. When Scientific Linux builds these perl packages, we build them all on SL6, so all of our perl modules end up in /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/.
Solution: We have created an rpm that causes "perl -V:installvendorlib" to return /usr/share/perl5/. This rpm is included in the mock build area for those packages that need it. permission differences

There are several packages that when you compare our original binary rpm's to RHEL6's binary rpms, the files that end with have different permissions. RHEL6's is 755, while SL6's was 644.
Solution: Build these packages on Fedora 12. This also fixed a few other differences as well.
Packages: adaptx, bcel, flute, jakarta-commons-beanutils, jakarta-commons-httpclient, javacc, jcommon-serializer, junit, ldapjdk, libbase, libfonts, libformula, liblayout, librepository, pentaho-libxml, pentaho-reporting-flow-engine, sac, xml-commons-apis, libloader

Build Prefers Fedora 12

There are some packages that just like being built on Fedora 12. We never did figure out why, but when we built these on Fedora 12, our packages matched TUV's packages.
Solution: Build these packages on Fedora 12.
Packages: adaptx bcel elinks filesystem flute jakarta-commons-beanutils jakarta-commons-httpclient javacc jcommon-serializer junit jwhois ldapjdk libbase libfonts libformula liblayout libloader librepository mutt pentaho-libxml pentaho-reporting-flow-engine sac xml-commons-apis
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