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Scientific Linux

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Scientific Linux 6.3

Scientific Linux 6.3 was released on Aug 8, 2012
It was released for i386 and x86_64 architectures

Release Notes

S.L. 6.3 Release Notes
All Release Notes for S.L. 6.x

Changes since SL6.2

Differences between SL6.2 and SL6.3

Added RPM's

Packages that were added to Scientific Linux
Added RPM's specific to S.L. 6.3
All Added RPM's in S.L. 6.x

Changed RPM's

Packages that were changed from the original vendors packages.
Changed RPM's specific to S.L. 6.3
All Changed RPM's in S.L. 6.x

Tweak RPM's

Tweak RPM's can be added to change a feature without disturbing the rest of the release.
Tweak RPM's specific to S.L. 6.3
All Tweak RPM's in S.L. 6.x


Even Scientific Linux has limitations
Limitations specific to S.L. 6.3
All Limitations in S.L. 6.x

Download Area

ISO Images

README i386 ISO Images
c48258d91e6aadac27d4b5cee6ce1467a87868ae89929fb97cd55623d25b3d16  SL-63-i386-2012-08-02-boot.iso
9cf2921af77e2b8e38dfb1a7f2b8bcb7212536c341f019d51d35bb433b44956a  SL-63-i386-2012-08-02-Everything-DVD1.iso
8c222f022c985e6730c789a660bffc751581fbb057907f1b9d44419940fbe752  SL-63-i386-2012-08-02-Everything-DVD2.iso
89eecf43b9703b383516d1581d92dfb832283584c656f6297c1c18634d84b74b  SL-63-i386-2012-08-02-Install-DVD.iso

README x86_64 ISO Images

435681f6837ac81df0386d038782389b513db26081f5c8cea2cfd598ed32af3a  SL-63-x86_64-2012-08-02-Install-DVD.iso
cca2dbe72118be78bb42260c92a4b90716856a4a35e48fbe9e9b76b9ad4448cf  SL-63-x86_64-2012-08-02-Everything-DVD1.iso
45585294f6a18bc376ff18db7fc855c82e03b794e2bb3dad8e5ecd03ac7629db  SL-63-x86_64-2012-08-02-Everything-DVD2.iso
7f538d1a3601f6b995cdc311164160b47a6dad7ac7612c8d26c39281c616c5c7  SL-63-x86_64-2012-08-02-boot.iso
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