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Scientific Linux 6.1

Scientific Linux 6.1 was released on July 28, 2011
It was released for i386 and x86_64 architectures

Release Notes

S.L. 6.1 Release Notes
All Release Notes for S.L. 6.x

Changes since SL6.0

Differences between SL6.0 and SL6.1

Added RPM's

Packages that were added to Scientific Linux
Added RPM's specific to S.L. 6.1
All Added RPM's in S.L. 6.x

Changed RPM's

Packages that were changed from the original vendors packages.
Changed RPM's specific to S.L. 6.1
All Changed RPM's in S.L. 6.x

Tweak RPM's

Tweak RPM's can be added to change a feature without disturbing the rest of the release.
Tweak RPM's specific to S.L. 6.1
All Tweak RPM's in S.L. 6.x


Even Scientific Linux has limitations
Limitations specific to S.L. 6.1
All Limitations in S.L. 6.x

Download Area

ISO Images

README i386 ISO Images
SL-61-i386-2011-07-27-boot.iso - sha1sum - 9ec9b4cf2932fbcae0d99c139c66f5dc54137422
SL-61-i386-2011-07-27-Everything-DVD1.iso - sha1sum - 90765d9e84496131e1375766a0a7f8e7be39be0c
SL-61-i386-2011-07-27-Everything-DVD2.iso - sha1sum - 7fb863ca25f416fbc998a9e00067a49d0a21f101
SL-61-i386-2011-07-27-Install-DVD.iso - sha1sum - aead929b2db293fc84572ab75ddc1ecc83aeb4e9
SL-61-i386-2011-07-27-LiveCD.iso - sha1sum - ef6c860555629174d4bb2522fd6ab3a87c332827
SL-61-i386-2011-07-27-LiveDVD.iso - sha1sum - 5d3c028cec7b16f549494471d2d04c541a8755e2
SL-61-i386-2011-07-27-LiveMiniCD.iso - sha1sum - 88cb12e47804da58309c08572e11e9bc5e6ba2c7
README x86_64 ISO Images
SL-61-x86_64-2011-07-27-boot.iso - sha1sum - cc2ef3a14493910c31598bf78c3523f722f6494e
SL-61-x86_64-2011-11-09-Everything-DVD1.iso - sha1sum - 3a6976c48cbad8a0e16ef902b176d5bc8e57b2c5
SL-61-x86_64-2011-07-27-Everything-DVD2.iso - sha1sum - 0dd829f14bd32be0bb6be5feedfd97062fe45b58
SL-61-x86_64-2011-11-09-Install-DVD.iso - sha1sum - fdd8bf7c0f80522015251137696676eb63a835bd
SL-61-x86_64-2011-07-27-LiveCD.iso - sha1sum - 2d9d09dc391c8283612adcde931029a327f6fe55
SL-61-x86_64-2011-07-27-LiveDVD.iso - sha1sum - 5fb0f7c94ca33f418eb64a64afad034dc6ab6037
SL-61-x86_64-2011-07-27-LiveMiniCD.iso - sha1sum - b1d528120e839f542c29e54b95780d48f7bde6d8
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