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Scientific Linux

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Scientific Linux 6.0

Scientific Linux 6.0 was released on March 3, 2011
It was released for i386 and x86_64 architectures

Release Notes

S.L. 6.0 Release Notes
All Release Notes for S.L. 6.x

Changes since SL5

Differences between SL5 and SL6

Added RPM's

Packages that were added to Scientific Linux
Added RPM's specific to S.L. 6.0
All Added RPM's in S.L. 6.x

Changed RPM's

Packages that were changed from the original vendors packages.
Changed RPM's specific to S.L. 6.0
All Changed RPM's in S.L. 6.x

Tweak RPM's

Tweak RPM's can be added to change a feature without disturbing the rest of the release.
Tweak RPM's specific to S.L. 6.0
All Tweak RPM's in S.L. 6.x

Download Area

ISO Images

README i386 ISO Images
SL-60-i386-2011-03-03-boot.iso - sha1sum - 3ea6ca34a0e760a454a11de7a99161a365b605a7
SL-60-i386-2011-03-03-Everything-DVD1.iso - sha1sum - 1e8bf432d2253c4808742722f16c3c6f1db337ec
SL-60-i386-2011-03-03-Everything-DVD2.iso - sha1sum - 6d9e9271d5a5b256e865171d3a616e055b28542d
SL-60-i386-2011-03-03-Install-DVD.iso - sha1sum - 9744a75a666da028fc8851b2a17d91b07777d7ec

README x86_64 ISO Images
SL-60-x86_64-2011-03-03-boot.iso - sha1sum - 5623b0f818b3f4b041c744195f96fa06d1dc21ef
SL-60-x86_64-2011-03-03-Everything-DVD1.iso - sha1sum - a616ed26e1656dda0e764f527d4fb3dd1e2e5c1a
SL-60-x86_64-2011-03-03-Everything-DVD2.iso - sha1sum - b24733f273b21bf10e5285cecd7cbac0b7872c48
SL-60-x86_64-2011-03-03-Install-DVD.iso - sha1sum - d43c0de44fa869bea5d0f0faf31400be4b77f6bd
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