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How you can mount other file system

you can read how its possibly mount other file system for full access to fat 32 particion in Read/write mode

in case if you mount other fstab sistem when install linux (see anaconda install, picture 5) you chast open fstab file. You find her in forder /etc and chance where write vfat defaults 0 0 in vfat  umask=000 0 0

and save fstab

then in console type command mount -a

and press enter

then restart computer

if you foreget mount file sistem you open program for searching your hardvare and chech where you have vfat file sistem then open my computer, Filesistem, then create folder named disc_d.

Then run program for hardware checking. You find him in System,Administration,Hardware

and check where you have fat 32(vfat partition)

in folder Filesytem create folder named discd.

Now you must open file named fstab.
You find her in forder /etc

And an end fstab add line

/dev/hda1 /discd vfat umask=000 0 0

and save fstab

Now In console run command mount -a for mounting partition and restart computer

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