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anaconda install

Anaconda installing step by step with screen shoots

First creates backup your of important documents. For case, if you wrongly installed Linux . You have all documents an safe. If you need tool for create, delate, resize partition, chance type particion you use SystemRescueCd. .

Set in BIOS that you computer turns on with Cd.

Usually is this there where set that you computer turns on by of system floppy disk.

InCD player put CDs with number 1 or DVD

Again turn on computer.

When you get prompt then press enter for start installing press enter on your keyboard for install in grafic mode. You get dialogue CD found, press OK. For begin testing CDs / DVD press TEST otherwise press SKIP

When its chechink finish you get dialogue for media check. For test another CDs/ DVD click Start otherwise CONTINUE

When test CDs/DVD its finish you press continue then you get messages runing anaconda and after few minutes you get lower picture. Now press next for start instaling linux.

Picture 1


choose language for installing linux

Picture 2

press Next


Choose your keyboard

Picture 3

press Next


Select Drives where you install linux

Picture 4

press Next


here you can mount other partition and create partition.

Mount other partition (vfat..)

Picture 5

press Next

Create partition

Picture 6

press Next

Create Swap partition

Picture 7


Minimal 250 Mb


1000 MB


foldes for users


If you have CD recorder its recomanted minimal zize 700 MB, for DVD Recorder its 4,8 GB.Otherwise you must change settings in some programmes


folder for program


Minimal 350 MB. Recomandet more. After upgrading system i recomand clean up forder VAR/CASHE/YUM


when you finish press Next

Boat loader

Boat loader get you choice in wich Sistem you work

Picture 8

press Next

Netvork devices

Picture 9

press Next

Region and timezone

Here choice your Region and timezone

Picture 10

press Next

Set Root Password.

Choice your root password. For password you can use you can use letters A – Z, a – z, numbers 0 – 9

Picture 11

press Next


Wich softvare you want instal. if want choice to install more software you check  Customize Now (you get Picture 13). If you not want install more softvare you click next then (you get Picture 16)

Picture 12

press Next

Customise wich softvare you want havet install

Picture 13

if you want install optional packages first sellect group an left then select programs on riht and click an option packages buton

Picture 14

When you finish for selecting/dselecting programs you click Next buton

Picture 15

Picture 16

For starting instaling linux and programs you click an next

Now formating partition

Picture 17

preparing on instaling

Picture 18

Instaling sistem

Picture 19

Picture 20

install boat loader

Picture 21

Instaling it's finishing

Picture 22

after reebooting your mashine you get change for first boot setetng.

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