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These packages were changed from the original vendors packages.

Modified pkgorder with patches from CentOS
Modified installclasses/ to remove key request
Modified installclasses/ to include SL groups
(SL 5.1)Added support for sites
(SL 5.1)Added sites/example

Changed index.html: Replaced Upstream Vendor information with Scientific Linux information.

Had to have a variable changed so that the variable points to the current include file. Otherwise it would not build.

Changed the default theme from RHEL to EaseOfBlue

Changed the default index.html to say it's a Scientific Linux machine.
Changed the compile options to say it's a Scientific Linux machine.

Removed "Requires: rhn-setup-gnome"

(SL 5.1)python-virtinst
It was only configured to know about TUV virtual machines. We added a patch so that it knew about Scientific Linux, and thus be able to install SL paravirtual machines.

Removed all trademarks
Changed gdm and kdm themes
Removed all red head coverings from icons

Removed all trademarks and logos and replaced them with Scientific Linux or generic ones.
added anaconda rnotes pictures.

Changed the colors. There was no config file, the colors are compiled in.

Updated to the latest 3.0.x release.
Removed rhn-plugin, made it a separate rpm.
updated yum-metadataparser to the latest version
Made it depend on yum-conf and yum-autoupdate

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