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Added 5.2

Packages that were added to Scientific Linux 5.2

We have added several packages to Scientific Linux 5.1 that were not in the Scientific Linux 5.0 release.

Summary: This package contains the framework for the Dynamic Kernel Module Support (DKMS) method for installing module RPMS as originally developed by Dell.
This is not installed by default. There are no dkms kernel module packages in the standard Scientifc Linux release.

Summary: Educational/Edutainment applications for KDE. kstars is part of this package.
This is not installed by default.

pine - removed
Summary: pine has been replaced by alpine and has been removed from Scientific Linux 5.2.

r1000 - removed
Summary: The r1000 kernel module has been removed from Scientific Linux because the driver is now part of the standard kernel.

Summary: XFS is a highly scalable, high-performance journaling filesystem that provides rapid recovery from system crashes.
This is not installed by default.

Yum plugins
Summary: Plugins to expand yum. Some of these were added by the upstream vendor, some by us, but these are the additions for SL 5.2
yum-installonlyn - removed It's functionality was moved into yum.
yum-list-data yum-merge-conf
These are not installed by default.

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