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Even Scientific Linux has limitations. This is the list found in Scientific Linux 5.1

We strive for perfection. Any goal less than that is sortof silly. But we are also realistic. Not everything is going to be perfect. This page documents what we know is broken, or not living up to it's potential.


Host bus adapters that use the MegaRAID driver must be set to operate in "Mass Storage" emulation mode, not in "I2O" emulation mode.
Earlier Scientific Linux releases generally do not attempt to load the I2O driver before the MegaRAID driver.

nVidia CK804 chipset

When running Scientific Linux 5 on a machine with a nVidia CK804 chipset, you may see the following message:

 kernel: assign_interrupt_mode Found MSI capability
 kernel: pcie_portdrv_probe->Dev[005d:10de] has invalid IRQ. Check vendor BIOS
These messages mean that some PCI-E ports are not requesting IRQs. These messages do not affect the operation of the machine.

Root and auto-mounting

In Gnome, removable storage devices (such as CDs and DVDs) do not automatically mount when you are logged in as root. You will have to manually mount it through the graphical file manager.

Virtual Installs and CD's

When installing a fully virtualized Proprietary guest from a CD, the second stage of the guest install might not see the CD after reboot.
To work around this problem you have to edit the xen configuration file (/etc/xen/) and add an entry for the CD or DVD.
For this example, the name of the guest machine is winxp, we are installing it to a file called /opt/images/winxp.img, and the CD drive is /dev/hdc.
Normally, the configuration file disk line looks like
disk = [ 'file:/(path of simple file),hda,w']
And you would change it to be
disk = [ 'file:/(path of simple file),hda,w', 'phy:/(device),hdc:cdrom,r']
So, if we look at our example, our disk line in /etc/xen/winxp will look like
disk = [ 'file:/opt/images/winxp.img,hda,w', 'phy:/dev/hdc,hdc:cdrom,r']

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