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Network Configuration

Network Configuration

If you've gotten this far on a network install, everything is usually correct.
A CD-Rom based install will probrubly want to modify their network settings to be whatever is needed.

Installation Help

Any network devices you have on the system are automatically detected by the installation program and shown in the Network Devices list.

To configure the network device, first select the device and then click Edit. In the Edit Interface screen, you can choose to have the IP and Netmask information configured by DHCP or you can enter it manually. You can also choose to make the device active at boot time.

If you do not have DHCP client access or are unsure as to what this information is, please contact your Network Administrator.

If your system is part of a larger network where hostnames are assigned by DHCP, select automatically via DHCP. Otherwise, select manually and enter an FQHN-based hostname for your system (such as If you do not, your system will be known as "localhost".

Finally, if you entered the IP and Netmask information manually, you may also enter the Gateway address and the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary DNS addresses.

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