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NFS Setup

NFS Setup

  • Server Name or IP Address
    If you are doing a network install, you have to have a server where you install from.
    The server can use NFS, HTTP, or FTP to server the distribution.
  • Distribution Path on Server
    You have to know the path to the Scientific Linux distribution. You cannot just point the installer at a server and expect it to know where you have the distribution.
    Remember that if you are using a server for both NFS, HTTP, and or FTP, the path might be different for each. Be sure you use the path corresponding to your installation method.

Installation Help

You should point your machine to your network installation server.
Depending on your network installation server, the path may be different. You should check to make sure you put the correct path in.
We are using i386 as an example, depending on what you are installing, you can replace that with x86_64 or ia64. But you must have gotten your installation media from the appropriate images area, because an i386 network install cd will not work with x86_64 install directory, or vice versa.

NFS server name: your.nfs.install.server
Scientific Linux directory: /export/linux/scientific/4x/i386

FTP server name: your.ftp.install.server
Scientific Linux directory: /linux/scientific/4x/i386

HTTP server name: your.http.install.server
Scientific Linux directory: /linux/scientific/4x/i386

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