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Scientific Linux

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Even Scientific Linux has limitations

We strive for perfection. Any goal less than that is sortof silly. But we are also realistic. Not everything is going to be perfect. This page documents what we know is broken, or not living up to it's potential.


This is a graphical package manager designed to install packages from CD.
Limitation : It does not work. It is only included to satisfy dependancies. Recommended replacement is Yumex.
Recommendation : If you need a graphical installer, yumex is recommended. But it does not install packages from a CD.


Designed to automatically query servers to determine if updates are needed.
Limitation : up2date is not supported in Scientific Linux. It is only included to satisfy dependancies. It may or may not work. Recommended replacement is yumex-applet.


Wireless driver, firmware and deamon for the Intel ipw3945 wireless chipset
Limitation : Does not work in the installer. Does not work on all laptops.

3ware 8xxx and 9xxx in same system

3ware 8xxx and 9xxx are both IDE cards, and the drivers for both in the installer.
Limitation :Grub can get confused about which "drives" are which if both of these cards are installed. You can either run grub manually before rebooting or use "noprobe" during the install and install only the 3ware driver for the card that you will be booting off of.

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