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Tweak RPM's 4.1

Tweak RPM's can be added to change a feature without disturbing the rest of the release. These are the ones added to S.L. 4.1

One of the goals of Scientific Linux is to be as close to the original vendor release of Enterprise Linux. But there are several things that people want to change, for one reason or another. In order to have both worlds we have created these tweak rpm's, more commonly known as SL rpm's. These rpm's can be added or removed to add or remove a feature. It is up the individual user to determine if they want a particular feature or not.

None of these packages are installed by default unless it is noted that they are.


This package changes the rc.sysinit boot script so that the pcspkr kernel module is loaded at an early stage. This will allow the PC speaker to beep again.

Who Needs This?
People who want the built in PC speaker to work.

Created by dawson
Last modified 2005-08-05 09:27 AM

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