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Even Scientific Linux has limitations

We strive for perfection. Any goal less than that is sortof silly. But we are also realistic. Not everything is going to be perfect. This page documents what we know is broken, or not living up to it's potential.


This is a graphical package manager designed to install packages from CD.
Limitation : It does not work. It is only included to satisfy dependancies.


Designed to automatically query servers to determine if updates are needed.
Limitation : up2date is not supported in Scientific Linux. It is only included to satisfy dependancies. It may or may not work.


Openafs is a distributed file system.
Limitation : We are including openafs, even though wee do not feel that it is enterprise production ready. It does work for the most part, but this version of openafs had not worked on all hardware.
64bit (x86_64) UP & SMP - works
32bit (i686) SMP - works
32bit (i686) UP - writes get stuck, not recommended

There is also an interaction problem between AFS, kerberos, and the pam_krb5afs that comes with S.L. 4.0. If the machine is using kerberos authentication, and is running AFS, then there can be a long delay of up to a minute when authenticating into the machine, and the user will not get an AFS token.

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