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Scientific Linux 3.0.2

Scientific Linux 3.0.2 was released on June 28, 2004

Release 3.0.2 is basically release 3.0.1 with the updates from Enterprise Linux Update 2, along with some minor additions.
The biggest change from Scientific Linux 3.0.1 is the addition of 2 new architectures. We now have a distribution for i386 (same as before), x86_64 (AMD Athlon64, Opteron), and ia64 (Itanium 2)

To find out more about each of these releases, you can read their release notes.
Release Notes for i386
Release Notes for x86_64
Release Notes for ia64


As with SL 3.0.1 our support structure is still being setup.
Currently technical support for Scientific Linux 3.0.2 can be found by sending mail to the scientific-linux-users mailling list. The help found here will be from other community members, so please be patient with them.

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