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Documentation about the scripts used to build a release
To use these scripts you will need to modify the "locations.include" script
before you can run the other scripts in this direcory.

Change TREE= to point to your <tree>. Your <tree> is the directory that
contains sites/<site>/ .

You have to change the SITE= line to be your site name.
You have to change the PRODUCT= line to be your product name.
You have to change the RELEASE= line to be your product release.
You have to change the VERSION= line to be your product version.
You should verify that DEFAULT= is correct. This is the directory name that
/RPMS resides in. In this example it is SL as /SL/RPMS is where the
rpms actually reside.

The scripts in this directory are

locations.include Locations and name of things. See above Used whenever you change/add/remove RPMS
in $TREE/sites/$SITE/Updates
It creates hdlist and hdlist2 in
$TREE/sites/$SITE/base/ Used to create install floppy and cd images
and places them in
Uses kernel in
and isolinux customizations from
$TREE/sites/$SITE/build/isolinux/ Used to create
$TREE/sites/$SITE/base/updates.img which
is a ext3 filesystem of
$TREE/sites/$SITE/RHupdates. This is Used during ftp and cdrom installs to
get access the anaconda changes.
$TREE/sites/$SITE/RHupdates is used during
NFS installs. Used to create
out of contents of
This is a advanced topic. No documentation
at this time. So no need to run this script
for most users. Make a rpmdb-site.spec out of rpmdb-example.spec
Changing the appropriate "example" entries

This script is used to make rpmdb-<site>...rpm
Should be run just before you "release" your
site to the world. Used by rpm to help with
dependency prediction. Script that runs all of the scripts in this
directory in the right order. Expects that
all of the "config" files that each script
needs are already modified for your site.
This is a just a handy script to have to
run just before you release your site.
Asks is you want to rebuild the install images
and the cd iso images. Script to compare trees to determine what
rpms are in which tree. See script for
Created by dawson
Last modified 2004-09-03 01:56 PM

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