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SuperDuper Install CD

When network installation switched from booting from a floppy, to booting from a CD, a thought was hatched. Why waste a whole CD on just a couple of megabytes. Let's add more stuff to it so that it can really be useful. Connie Sieh then managed to put together, what we call, the SuperDuper Install CD.

This is a bootable CD, where you get to select what image you want to boot into. It is small enough that you can fit the whole SuperDuper disk onto a 210 MB CD (Those are the small CD's).

When you boot into the SuperDuper CD, you can select to boot into the following images

Bootable Linux Distributions

  • Scientific Linux 3.0.1 rescue
  • Linux Bootable Business Card (LNXBBC)
  • Tom's Root Boot (tomsrtbt)
  • Damn Small Linux
    based on KNOPPIX
  • Recovery is Possible (RIP)
    rescue for a wide variety of OS's

Bootable Non-Linux Distributions

  • FreeDOS
    Great for when you need to boot into dos to flash your BIOS
  • FreeBSD

Bootable Utilities

  • Scientific Linux Network Install
  • memtest86
  • GRUB


For the full SuperDuper documentation, see the README file that is associated with it.

No support intended or implied. These distributions are provided as is. Please look at and read the info at the respective web sites for each product for more info.

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