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Added Programs

Various packages were added to the Scientific Linux distribution for various reasons.

Desktop Related Packages

A small and fast window manager. Good for slower systems or systems with not much memory.

Gv is a user interface for the Ghostscript PostScript(TM) interpreter. Gv can display PostScript and PDF documents on an X Window System.

J-Pilot is a desktop organizer application for the palm pilot that runs under Linux. It is similar in functionality to the one that 3com distributes for a well known rampant legacy operating system.

mpg321, xmms-mpg123
Because of licensing reasons commercial enterprise distributions did not include MP3 support. While this does not fill all cases, this does allow some of the more popular music players to use mp3's.

Pine is a very popular, easy to use, full-featured email user agent that includes a simple text editor called pico. Pine supports MIME extensions and can also be used to read news. Pine also supports IMAP, mail, and MH style folders.

Sndconfig is a text based tool which sets up the configuration files you'll need to use legacy sound cards (ISA, non-PnP)

X-CD-Roast provides a GUI interface for commands like cdrecord and mkisofs. X-CD-Roast includes a self-explanatory X11 user interface, automatic SCSI and IDE hardware setup, support for mastering of new ISO9660 data CDs, support for production of new audio CDs, fast copying of CDs without hard disk buffering, and a logfile option.

Package Installation and Update

Yum is a utility that can check for and automatically download and install updated RPM packages. Dependencies are obtained and downloaded automatically prompting the user as necessary.

A port of Debian's apt tools for RPM based distributions. It provides the apt-get utility that provides a simple, safe way to install and upgrade packages.
A graphical front end for apt called synaptic is also included.

Enterprise Enviroment Packages



The Eclipse Platform is designed for building integrated development environments (IDEs) that can be used to create applications as diverse as web sites, embedded Java (TM) programs, C++ programs, and Enterprise JavaBeans (TM).

Korn shell from ATT

The AFS distributed filesystem. AFS is a distributed filesystem allowing cross-platform sharing of files among multiple computers. Facilities are provided for access control, authentication, backup and administrative management.

Performance Co-Pilot (PCP)
Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) is a framework and services to support system-level performance monitoring and performance management.

This package makes all the changes necessary to send console output to both the serial port and the screen. This also creates a login prompt on the serial port and allows users to login at this prompt.

Other Packages

This adds a terminal and mozilla icon to the kicker panel for both KDE and GNOME.

Changes /etc/inittab to require the root password for single user mode.

Turns off "color" of ls.

Changes Sendmail config so that it allows incomming mail.

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