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Scientific Linux

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External Scientific Linux Web Sites

Scientific Linux Forums / Groups

Scientific Linux Forum (unofficial)
Scientific Linux Users Group Japan
Scientific Linux Users Group Brazil

Scientific Linux "Sites" or "Spins"

One of the goals of Scientific Linux is to allow it to be modified easily so that Lab's, Universities, or whoever wants, can easily create their own distribution based off of Scientific Linux. In the past we have called these "Sites" but nowdays people have been calling them "Spins"
This is the list of those distributions that wish to be listed here.
Please note that you can create your own spin, and not have it listed here.

Scientific Linux Cyrillic Edition and NauLinux

Scientific Linux Cern

Scientific Linux Desy

Scientific Linux Fermi

HELiOS by GE Health Care

Translated web sites

I know this isn't the right place to put these links. But I don't want the effort of these sight maintainers to be wasted while I figure out the right place.

Other Web Sites

This page has links to web page's that deal with Scientific Linux. These are not really articles, so they arn't lumped into the articles page.

DistroWatch - Scientific Linux - A distribution just isn't a distribution if it isn't on DistroWatch.
Scientific Linux Tips - Good Scientific Linux how-to - in Japanese
TWGrid - Taiwan Grid Portal - services

If you see a link that you feel is inappropriate, please contact the web admin team so that they can fix it as soon as possible. When creating the links we check to make sure the content is appropriate, but since we do not control the pages we are linking to, something may have changed since we last checked.

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