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Scientific Linux's Future

What to expect down the road with Scientific Linux

Scientific Linux's Future

Long Term Support
Scientific Linux plans to do security updates as long as the The Upstream Vendor (TUV) continues releasing updates and patches. The support end dates are based on our current understanding of TUV's support schedule.
For a detailed list of what is supported and for how long please see our Distributions Webpage
There is a caveat to the above statement. This is just a plan. We do not, and cannot, guarantee our plan. There are too many factors for us to guarantee it. One of the possibilities is that the source rpm's from the Enterprise release will become unavailable. There are other factors that also may prevent a guarantee.

Major Releases
Scientific Linux has plans to make a major release based on each major release of Enterprise Linux. How soon after, we cannot say.

Minor Releases
Scientific Linux plans to make a minor release based on each of the Enterprise Updates.
The minor releases will be named according to their corresponding update release. Hence, Scientific Linux 5.1 corresponded with Update 1, 5.2 will correspond with Update 2.
Administrators should be able to use yum to get from one minor release to another, without much hassle.

Because our plans had been a little vague, we have created a Scientific Linux roadmap web page. It is found at

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